Friday, April 26, 2013

What's Your Next Shot?

Enjoyed playing golf today with my father, although my round had its usual ups and downs.  As I believe I've mentioned previously, since I have no natural golfing ability, more or less, golf is a game I have to work at just to be mediocre.  Hence the challenge of it all.  As a result, I am frequently looking for someone or something to help me improve my game.  I recently heard some good advice from a friend of mine at church, a man whose golfing abilities far outweigh my own.  He described some solid mental advice while playing a round, that is, think about what your next shot will be.  I thought about this some while I was hitting the ball today.  The next shot...that's what I should focus on.

It makes perfect sense.  I don't want to get bogged down in thinking about the bad shots I may have just made.  Keep pressing forward.  Don't let the bad holes get me too far down.

On the other hand, after hitting a good shot or having a good hole, my work is not done.  I can't rest on my laurels.  A round of golf, unfortunately, contains eighteen holes so I can't really relax until I've completed them all.

This also translates to life.  I can't get too bogged down when I make a mistake.  I should try to make amends or correct it and move on.

In addition, if I have some good things happen to me in life or receive accolades, I may enjoy them for a season, but then I have to move on.  If I hold on too tightly to my past, my present life will get stale.

Hence, my life, just like my golf game, is a game of endurance.  There is no resting until I reach the finish line.  Currently I am involved in several activities, for example, writing my second book, "Glorified Sickness", seeking multiple ways to minister to others who are dealing with cancer, and, of course, sharing revelations on my blog.  But after these things fade away, then what?  How am I going to hit my next shot in life?

So, whether I'm in a water hazard or a fairway in life, or maybe even if I have just missed an easy putt, I have to think, "Where do I go from here?"


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