Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After The Rain

Local meteorologists had predicted this turmoil for days.  Schools closed early as the severe weather was approaching.  Members of my community braced for what lie ahead.  Then the storms hit, including many tornadoes, with much destruction of property.  Unfortunately, there were also several fatalities.  Trees toppled, homes were damaged, even an old church destroyed.  Consequently, the governor of our state made a special trip to survey the damage to provide comfort to the victims.  Yet, this is only the beginning of our tornado season.  Sadly, there may be more vicious storms on the horizon.

However, once the storms subsided, I could not help but notice the renewed beauty in my neighborhood.  The grass was much greener, the trees seemed more endowed with leaves, the air seemed crisper.  All of these changes happened almost overnight.  Although I grieve for those who suffered loss of property or especially loss of life, there is a wonder of how life feels after the rain.

I imagine many people have written of the benefits of the storms of life.  Obviously, I feel well qualified after having cancer.  Mysteriously, life has added a new beauty, a wondrous happiness, an unexplained joy after living through this storm. 

When the storms were coming, especially reports of a tornado, I found myself taking shelter in the basement.  But, since the storms are over, I can bask in the sunlight and enjoy the rebirth of nature all around.  The storm has been, at least to me, a blessing.


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