Saturday, February 22, 2014

Worth A Try

Several weeks ago I was driving to work on a cold day.  There was a threat of snow that evening so it was somewhat chilly outside during my commute with temperature in the mid thirties.  I believe there may have been a mild rain falling also.  On my way to work I passed by the golf course where I on occasion have the opportunity to try out my golfing skills (or should I say my "non golfing" skills).  Nevertheless, I can usually see the green on hole number 5 at Roebuck Golf Course from the interstate along with other views of the course. 

What caught my attention is that the golf course still appeared like it was open for business, even though the weather was cold with a mild drizzle with more wintry conditions predicted.  The flag was in place on the green just as if the weather was optimal for golfing.  Not surprisingly, as I scanned the golf course from the interstate, I didn't see a single golfer on the links due to the miserable weather conditions.  This was about 6:30AM as I drove by.

Yet, later, and I have no verification of this, maybe someone did actually get out on the golf course that day.   He bundled up, teed up, and commenced to playing.  Since there was no other traffic on the course, he probably could have completed the round in a few short hours.  He may have shot the best round of his life.  With no one else on the course hindering his play, it may have been an amazing round.  Hence, the golf game may have been worth a try.

Sometimes in life, although it may not make much sense at the time, it may be worth a try.  I know in my own life in promoting my cancer story, I've sought national venues to share what God has done for me.  I've sent letters to Dr. Oz, "The Doctors" TV show,  "The Rick and Bubba" Radio Show (which is very popular here in the Southeast), and even CNN.  I still haven't received any replies.  Yet, who knows, one day a door may open to a magnificent publicity opportunity with these media outlets. I keep trying, keep pressing to see if something will develop as I persist.

I've heard that when you're rubbing on a magic lamp, it doesn't hurt to make a fourth wish.  Why not?  Why not aim for something which is beyond all "we ask or think" (Ephesians 3:20) ?  Aiming high in life may ultimately reap greater rewards.  Hence, as my goals are attained,  perhaps I'll be able to look back one day and note how it was worth all of the effort.


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