Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Running Into The Wind

Being off from work yesterday, I ventured out running in my neighborhood yet again.  It seems like many of my blogs deal with running.  Nevertheless, it was a different run temperature wise.  It was around twenty one degrees.  Pretty cold to exercise outdoors.  However, years ago, I remember running when it was eighteen degrees so I felt running in the cold would not be that significant.  Yet, I forgot about one factor about running in the cold yesterday...the wind.

I ran on a straight street for about one and a half miles without any problems.  I had on plenty of running apparel, i.e. long running pants, long sleeve shirt, gloves, toboggan and a hooded sweater.  Then, I reversed my path and continued running for about another one and a half miles to return to my car.  This is when the northerly wind attacked me with ferocity.  You see, in reversing my course, I was running straight into the wind.  I pulled the toboggan and hood around my face as much as possible to cover up any exposed skin, especially my nose.  I agonized over the elements, longing for when I could return to the heated confines of my car.  My only thoughts were of when the run would end.  Keep going.  You'll be out of the cold soon.  Don't slow down.

Life is similar to this run.   Sometimes life is easy.  The wind if behind you.  The run requires some effort but is still manageable. Yet, something may occur where you have to run against the wind.  Life becomes a whole new ballgame.  Every step is agonizing.  You struggle to make it to an area of comfort.

My simple suggestion when you feel like you're going against the wind....keep running.  Keep pressing.  Don't stop.  Who knows?  Just as there was a warm car at the end of my run, there may be warming stations in life not too far down the road.

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