Saturday, September 28, 2013

Support Can Be Beautiful

I have been blessed with several radio and TV interviews recently to talk about my cancer survival and book. One day I dropped by a local TV station in Birmingham to leave a book for one of the hosts on the station.  As I stopped by the station, I couldn't help but notice the massive TV tower outside of the building.  I later discovered that this tower is 978 feet high, quite an impressive structure.  To keep it from toppling over it is secured by multiple cables, some extending for several hundred yards.  One of the cables even stretches across the main road in that area (where other TV stations are located).  You could say that the massive structure is kept in place by ample support.

Isn't that similar to our journey in life?  Most of us (including myself) would like to accomplish great things.  However, we cannot get there alone.  There is an old saying that you "have to pick yourself up by your own bootstraps."  Obviously this is impossible.  You can't raise yourself off of the need help.

So, as I travel onward, I'm forever indebted to the many support structures in my life as I try to soar higher and higher.  The family members, the co-workers, and especially my church family have been the cables to try to keep me from falling as I venture upward.  I guess you could say these people keep me grounded, to prevent me from toppling over.

Hence, it is imperative to obtain a great support system.  Once a support team is assembled, who knows how high a person can soar? 

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