Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finding Peaceful Moments

Since I work downtown, I have to walk about two blocks to the hospital where I'm employed.  It's not really a long walk.  However, as the weather turns cold, the walk can be somewhat bitter.  I've noticed a few days recently where the walk was quite chilly.  Of course, it can only get worse as the winter is fast approaching with plunging temperatures.

Thankfully, though, when the weather is cool, I've discovered a door about halfway during my walk that makes all of the difference.  Going in this entrance actually lengthens the walk to my floor by a couple of minutes.  Yet, it has one great big advantage....a heater.

It's not a fancy looking heater.  Just a wall heater with a thermostat and a blower.  It reminds me of the type of heater you might find in a high school classroom or a hotel room.  But, when I go through this special entrance, this wall heater is usually at full force with the fan turned on to the maximum setting.  As I enter the door, I am compelled to stop by this heater and soak in a few minutes of its warmth.  From this point, I can walk completely indoors to my final destination.  As you can tell, I am extremely grateful for the wall heater, making the cold walk from the parking lot less bitter.  The heater is a wonderful respite from the cold.

When I was going through chemotherapy, I can remember looking for those brief moments of peace in the midst of my chaotic life.  One particular instance comes to mind.  One night, I was eating a popsicle when a thunderstorm approached my house.  However, instead of staying inside out of the rain and the wind, I felt compelled to sit out on my porch and experience the storm.  Mind you, the rain was not blowing towards me so I stayed completely dry.  Yet, the rain, the thunder, all the elements of the storm, were comforting to me.  It was just a normal as usual.  You see, when you go through chemotherapy, you long for routine, for schedules, for life to be normal again.

So, when it started raining, I felt at peace.  Even though I was fighting cancer, the world felt like it was still the same.  An average storm on an average night.  At least, for a few waning moments, I was happy.

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says, "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest."  Coming to Jesus will one day provide eternal rest in heaven, and that's something I am greatly anticipating.  However, I believe Jesus also provides rest here on earth, that is, calmness in the midst of storms.  He doesn't promise us life will be easy, by no means.  Yet, in our darkest hour, we can turn to Him for comfort and strength.

The heater in my workplace provides temporary relief from the cold and I am so grateful for it.  More importantly, my Savior provides permanent relief from the bitterness of life.  For this reason, I will always praise Him. 

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